About Robyn

Robyn grew up in Sydney majoring in art at high school and then going on to study at the National Art School. Working firstly as a Graphic Designer, she later taught colour and design as her two children were completing their education.  Next came a voyage of self discovery and several years working in the personal development industry.  Returning to her first love in recent years, her paintings display her continuing fascination with colour, texture and the emotion created by the spontaneous collision of both. With no clearly defined end at the beginning, each art work captures the sensations of the emotions being explored.

Initially for her own self-understanding, she has been encouraged lately to share her paintings with a broader audience.  Upon doing this, a friend wrote the following words. 

 "Thank you so much for sharing these paintings with me - I've never seen all of them before!  I don't have any training in art, but what struck me straight away about almost all of them, is that they have a serene comforting quality to them, as well as being obviously immensely beautiful to look at.  Amazing how these bold, vivid colours combined, can suggest and represent an entire scene or story for me. They have had a real therapeutic effect on me today, and I can't thank you enough for this."

This is what she hopes to do. To inspire the onlooker to seek within each piece their own meaning, to search for greater realisation, and for this to promote further avenues for self-exploration.